Prévost Hubbard III, Ph.D., FORMER Clinical & Consulting Psychologist



May 20, 2016

This is a formal notice of my intended retirement from practice. Since approximately 1979 I have been in private practice at three locations in the Jackson County Missouri area. The most recent location of my practice site (for approximately the past 15+ years) is 1010 NW. Woods Chapel Rd., suite D, Blue Springs, MO 64015.


I will officially have closed my office suite at the Blue Springs, Missouri address effective July 31, 2016. After that date, there will be no telephone link to me, although I may be reached by way of my email address which has been for years, and continues to be,


Anyone wishing to send me postal mail can send it to me care of Hartland Valley View Technologies, 1010 NW. Woods Chapel Rd., suite C, Blue Springs, MO 64015. The proprietor of that computer service store will hold mail for me to be collected by me approximately once a week for a quarter of a year.


Please be advised that all clinical records have been shredded and disposed of and are no longer accessible. The state law requires

a practitioner to hold and make available records for a period of seven years past the last contact in the office with a patient. If it has been less than seven years since your last contact with me, I may, upon your request, provide you with a digitized copy of any records I have concerning you. You may recall that all of my clinical notes are in a personalized, shorthand notation which represents a form of encryption to protect client confidentiality. Should you request and receive any digitized information from me, bear in mind that you will be seeing rather meaningless chicken scratch handwriting in the midst of printed registration forms and/or other printed materials. Having retired from practice and all its attendant activities, I will decline to decipher any shorthand notation(s). If it is been seven years or more since your last contact with me, then please understand that your physical record no longer exists and any digitized version is similarly unavailable.


To you, and any other former clients I have worked with over the past decades, I would like to here thank you ever so much for your patronage; and I hope that some meaningful assistance transpired by way of our association. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you! I consider myself fortunate and so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with you!


I wish you the very best of everything that life provides; and may your path forward always be clear and as comfortable as reality allows. I have never seen a bump free path, but I am confident that you can resolve all problems encountered. May the best of everything always be your lot!


...Prévost Hubbard III, Ph.D.

licensed clinical psychologist (until  07-31-2016)

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